Saturday, August 16, 2008

Answers not forthright

I don't have an answer yet. Slept in this am, got a full 8 hours sleep, last time I did that? Well, it backfired on me. My day was gone before I knew it and I was back to work. The zillion things I needed to accomplish today didn't happen. After which I stubbed my toe on flagstone and OUCH! Limped around work this evening, so glad to get my shoes off and it's totally purple! Hope it doesn't fall off! Well, I did patch a few pool holes that were leaking, not a good job, patch edges were curling, cheap googles I bought leaked water, but maybe they'll hold for awhile. The water was cold and so were the breezes coming in. Did get dogs area inside fence trimmed shorts and burn pile, burnt down. Some laundry, some banking, picked up gift certificate for nephews engagement party. Stopped there, at nephew's fiance' parents home. Beautiful landscaping, garden walk tour stop, site of their June wedding ceremoney. And a metal patio tree covered with little candle objects de art. Couldn't stay long. My Mom had driven Dad out for a very short visit. He's using a wheelchair and didn't get out of the car, just needed to get out of the house. Felt awful I hadn't time since Sunday to visit, well tomorrow being Sunday, I'll catch up with visit and pray he's getting stronger each day.

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