Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are the Champions of the World!

"To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will." ~Sugar Ray Robinson.

I spent some time window shopping at Dick Blick today. Certainly I bought several needed items, but checked into all the wish items available. As I checked out I was asked if I was still a student(for discount purposes) or if I was a teacher. When I replied why yes I am a teacher I was asked for accreditation. Is not many years labors of any interest to anybody? I had been sought after for my classroom coverage, and had many a teacher had come in after school to watch and learn from my abilities to capture the attention of my students and open up their minds to possibility, but all said and done I still do not have that accredidation that brings human value in the eyes of those so luckily educated. Where again are the Donald Trumps of the world, who consider life a formidable education? I'm not running into them, only those who spent their years in college to believe themselves more important than others not as fortunate. So to be a champ, I need to continue to believe in myself, even with all the razzmatazz from the better than you mentality.


butterfly woman said...

You know what, I wish I had been one of your students when you taught. I bet you really tapped into their imaginative selves. What does accreditation mean anyway?I had some teachers who were so above me in education background that they couldn't relate on a human being level. I think each of us has many gifts and talents to offer from our heart,from life experiences, before the schooling messes with us. Life always offers us tests and not just in the classroom.
You get an A+ in my eyes.

Doris said...

Thanks Bev!