Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peck Farm Park, Geneva

38W199 Kaneville Road | Geneva IL 60134 | (630) 262-8244
Located west of Randall Road on the corner
of Kaneville Road and Peck Road.

Peck Farm Park is a 395 acre natural retreat featuring a visitor's center with hands-on Nature and History Rooms, Meeting Room, Observation Silo, Sensory Garden, Nature Trails, Bike Trails, Picnic Area, Baseball Diamonds, Soccer Fields, 19-Acre Wetland, and an outdoor Butterfly House (open during the summer).

What a day! At least I was able to upload info for September exhibit at Peck Farm. I ran up there on my lunch hour as Kendall Arts Guild members were hanging their work. I have three pieces in this exhibit. "Great Blue Heron," "Hunter's Flight,"and "Man From Dyrehaven." all embossed linocuts, Great Blue Heron and Man From Dyrehaven are inked. I was really impressed with the park district grounds here, my friend has a family wedding on the grounds next weekend and should be able to view the exhibit. It is in the Orientation Barn, which is really gorgeous with windows overlooking the marsh. Walking past the butterfly house, the aromatic flowers were awesome. I must get back and walk the miles of bike paths around the farm. Sensational and I only got a glimpse as I needed to get back to work.
I had a very hard busy day at work, which was exaggerated as I lost my lunch walk and trough feeding time. Between jobs I stopped home, ate my overdue lunch, and headed back to work with invite to my son's garage concert this evening. Was really geared to play hooky from work to spend some time enjoying talents of my son, but lack of gas money at this point sent me off to work instead. Second arrival home was disastrous! Capt Destructo had brought down a large plant, Aggie the rott mix was lying in the mud enjoying his turmoil. Tape was shredded and full of dog hair. My headweights were destroyed.(for traction on my neck adjustments). A pillow was shredded and it's filling all over the living room. I was livid. The pup has gotten out of control and the pack is enthused with his mindless PARTEE, PARTEE! We've lost that sense of right and wrong. Just caught him back chewing on my headweights...have to catch him in the act to be understood. So the day goes out as it came in, in an uncomfortable manner, but progress has come about, only by upstarting routines.


Laura said...

Ouch! Dang, Really a big Ouch lady....

butterfly woman said...

Hi there,
How long is the exhibit going to be there? Hours? Everytime you talk about the Kane County area, it brings back such memories as I grew up in Aurora. I long to return to the Fox River and Tri-Cities to explore, especially with Fall coming. Enjoy the "country" atmosphere there. Congrats on continuing to get your work out there. Seems a great nature place to exhibit.
Always great you take time to smell the flowers in spite of your busy life schedule!