Monday, August 25, 2008

Man From Dyrehaven

Laid back day. Evening off, set the pace for day. Cooler weather. Afternoon walk was rather nice. Saw whistlepig run between the traffic and hoped to glimpse another closeup of my lunchtime acquaintance. When I came upon area where he had crossed the road, I saw roadkill, was rather disheartened fearing my friend hadn't made it. It was not the whistlepig but a masked night traveler coon. Sad, but I'd not been introduced to raccoon and my heart lightened a tad as I realised dear pig friend had made it safely through. A young robin had not and lost life with outstretched wings. So beautiful. I'd intended to return work to Imagine on Main when I noted exhibit at Peck Farm in Geneva. The pieces looked great in barn setting and continuing to show work is vital, so stopped in to visit Amy at Imagine on Main and she graciously took my picture to put up on facebook and art calendar site. So hopefully when I receive it that will be accomplished without further computer issues. At home, brought in laundry and burned my branches. Not a choice day for that project as leaves went up and ashed into pool. Some skimming of ash and leaves as the night fell. Some dishes, framed up "Man From Dyrehaven" another inked embossing I had exhibited at Dickson Murst Farm Day. Framed 16 x 20. Image size 10 x11. Priced @ $100.00


Uta said...

Hey Doris, what's a whistlepig???

butterfly woman said...

Can't wait to see "Man From Dyrehaven". Also I enjoy reading about your walks and the roadkills. I often drive right by these poor creatures on the side of the road and somehow you have really personalized the experience, that they are beings who need to be honored and acknowledged! This blows me away.
Also, sounds like you continue to keep your eyes open for new opportunities and then act on them! Keep it up!

david santos said...

You are MASTER!!!

april said...

Love this "Man From Dyrehaven"! Inked embossing - oooooooo interesting. And yes, your mention of all the poor animals running and not waiting at the curb. So sad to me. ...april