Friday, August 8, 2008

Looked into my Father's eyes.

Today was a very long day. Dad was moved last night to ICU with breathing difficulties. It appears there is a blood clot in his lung. I listened all day and I heard so many half-truths that I wonder the world is even still intact. I hear through the vine, things I was supposed to know, but never given to me. I had a rather slow evening at work, slowly eeking the life from me. Needing to keep optimism at such a time when cancer is rapidly spreading. I'd been listening to Eric Clapton today after finding misplaced cd. Look into my father's eyes, brought tears to mine as I'm pretty certain Dad isn't going to accept chemo at this point. Miracles do happen, will we get one now? I can only ask and pray.


Uta said...

Sending good thoughts. Wish I could do more.

Laura said...

Great CD and one of my favorite songs.
also sending good thoughts.

butterfly woman said...

I pray for you and your family and send peace, love and healing during these times. Thoughts are with you across the miles.Music helps me to move my feelings to a better place. Hope it helps you.

april said...

Beautiful...yes. And isn't it music soothes the soul. Thinking of you...april