Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bleached Tree

More walk photos, although today I didn't walk. This tree has captured my interest for several years of walks. She bleaches whiter with each passing day. Who takes shelter among her many openings? I've not seen anyone, but certainly she provides comfort from bitter winter winds.
Today, errands accomplished, some bill paying done, much laundry and a fresh clean bed to head off to. Not the things I hoped to do today, but things needing to be done. Invested in a new oval/circle mat cutter. Have wanted this item for some time and had a 40% off coupon, good on a regular priced piece of merchandise waiting to get used. Down from $90. to $57. including tax. Also picked up 3 pieces glass for frames I picked up a couple weeks back. Ready to get it together. Much yet to do and as usual very little time to get it accomplished.

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