Monday, August 11, 2008


Running around cyberspace trying to accomplish small tasks intended. Accomplished a new friend on Facebook and signed on as Fan of Art World Chicago. Is that all? I was all over art world Chicago, viewed current artist promoted and all his works, really lovely stuff. But couldn't find my way back to editing my own profile. Ran some errands after work, resale store and was looking to see available frames that could be refinished and used, but small children were everywhere and one had reach grabber and was busy picking things up, right beneath my feet. Nearly knocked down wall of frames ontop of me. I felt I needed to disengage from this precocious child to stay alive and went off to search out other bargains available. Unless something is marked on sale, many items in the store are over priced, you could do much better at discount store sales. Why they do that I'm not sure. Certainly moving more donations through is better than sitting on them. Many items could be bought new at same prices marked for used. I picked up a couple thick bath towels marked less than some new bath towels of poor quality. Shoes to replace the many Captain Destructo has taken out on me. Nice pair of running shoes, I'll try and hope they have better support than my old ones and a nice pair of rubber Birkenstocks for garden wear. (Those also have been lost to teething pup. Cut tree branches this evening, burned fire down some, cool weather but got in pool and cleaned. Never got to the pool over weekend, still had sticks and leaves in pool from last Mondays storm, yet the water still crystal clear. Meant to return a phone call to cousin Laura, but by time I came inside, it was past evening calling hours. Well, an email will have to suffice. The moon was peeking out from behind the clouds while I worked in pool, wonderful scene beyond the clear water. Quite similar to photo I uploaded in previous entry. Creation and God's light are phenomenal studies to aspire to.

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