Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wild Grapes

"I looked up the road I was going and back the way I had come, and since I wasn't satisfied, I decided to step off the road and cut me a new path." ~Mrs. Annie Johnson c.1903, Maya Angelou's grandmother

These wild grapes are on my walking path. The treasure we seek we find within. A stretch of my workday walk is wooded and has been inviting me in as occasions afford themselves. I don't enter as I would like, the woods are unused private property, some listed for sale commercial and some just listed as owned by. Little dreams excite me to buy these woods, build my home in the center and define an outermost path for myself and other wildlife wanderers to explore. Reality steps in, as the cost is formidable and if I really had that much money, woods someplace else might be more inviting. But these are the woods I see and watch for activity of the spirit friends. Last week I was approached by an employee of the greenhouses I pass each day as to what it is I stop and look at each day? Why, I'm waiting for the white egret and tell of Mother Turtle at another creek entrance. He tells me of the Sunhawk, and yes I see that too. He mentions he hoped I was looking at him, what a silly man...I see no feathers or tails. I do often look longingly at the hose showering the outdoor gardens as the heat hampers my noon walks. But the creeks and treasures they hold are what my searching is about. Water is the essential ingredient to viewing wildlife, and water is so purifying, healing. The wild grapes need water, as do the mulberries, chokecherries, green grasses. I always hope to see a friend or two as I walk, and I contemplate daily my new path. The one not yet cut.


butterfly woman said...

Great piece of storywriting. The quote at the beginning so set the tone for the rest of your words. Keep your dreams and visions alive, don't let reality dim them. Glad I was with you on the trail, seems the gentleman saw your beautiful glowing light and wanted to share in it (I'd like to think that and nothing more. But as you say, no feathers or tail on him, his loss I suppose.I chuckled at your words relating to him. Your creative outlook is a delight!I feel you are an extension of my writing class.

april said...

I agree! What a darling story. Needs to be in a little book with your illustrations and published. I'll be at the book signing. April

Laura said...

Book signing, Let me know the date?? I'll be there too!

Doris said...

Thanks Ladies! I am able to find a little magic while walking down industrial park roads.

Doris said...

Thanks Ladies! I am able to find a little magic while walking down industrial park roads.