Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spiders, Moons and Me

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." ~ Pamila Vault Starr

The moon is capturing my attention again. Constantly half covered in clouds, reminder to come out and shine. So the spiders this morning invaded my desktop again. Actually insect kingdom. Large carpenter size ant with wings settled on my nectarine. I had to shoo it away to enjoy my morning snack. As the creature investigated my desktop weeds ands the pollen fallen beneath, to my amazement a small fallen blossom was dancing upon the desk, seemingly trying to entice the ant creature in closer. It was duly ignored by her, but not by me I simply had to figure out how pollen on top my desk does dance! I spied tiny webs and wondered if my green visitor had staked claim of computer wires. Much to my amazement, the web belonged to a spider the size of a pin head. Attracting prey by moving flower or dare I say fairie dust! Has my boss deemed me insane yet? Surely he must wonder why I'm fascinated by the edge of my own little planet. He did send me off to walk. Overtime today started in the early morning, cows were still peacefully lying in the fields. Fogs were scattered about the landscapes and driving through them was like driving through the clouds. Gorgeous. Later in the day I realized I had rolled up car window over a large spider. Was it the same one I witnessed hanging on to webs bouncing on window in the wind? I had a very difficult time that day not long past watching that spider do its stunt tricks for car chase scene on my passenger window. The spiders tell me it's August again, was I not paying attention? My kitchen calendar is still on July until I accomplish overdue birthday wishes. When the days are supposed to be long and lazy, overtime creeps back in and the month will be gone before I heed any of my inspirations to create. Hopefully the growing grass will slow down and accept dog days laziness for awhile. "August brings the sheaves of corn, then the harvest home is born." Sounds like even more work!

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