Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Day at the Farm

Peg of Esther's Place in Big Rock Illinois all day demonstrations~right next door to art exhibit

Afternoon entertainment, Big Mo and the Shy Town, bluegrass spectacular!

This day went easily as planned. An extra early start, a comfortable morning at Dickson-Murst Farm. Birthday gathering at my folks for afternoon and my son back with me to see art exhibit at the farm, lovely bluegrass band on stage. I was glad again to spend a few minutes with my son in my real life avenue. Had a nice chat with cousin Laura when finally home, after a few groceries picked up. Plans happening for her new venture of studio open house weekend that I'd been invited to share in. One way or another it sounds like a wonderful weekend. Had worked at forging new relationships today with like minded people and was pleased with the generosity of others hearts. Now as the day closes, I'm cool and anxious for the warmth of sleep. Many thoughts arranging and rearranging to share. Didn't do pictures. Considered getting some sketchbook time but that didn't transpire either. Words will have to do. Bartered my "Possum 'n' Young" print for a wonderful photo at site of barn windows by talented photographer Joanne M. Pleskovich. Good memories.

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