Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ojo Ajuda and RC's 23rd Birthday

This is my senior companion...the summer has taken it's toll and he waits for the first snowfall when the pup in him comes out to play. His ears have swollen and flopped with hemotomas stemming from infections. I was called out one day when a forest ranger found him in closed hunting grounds. He was left to die. A heavy chain held him fast and this 75# being had whittled down to 30#. His eyes were piercing and his name chosen as he looked past the person into the eyes of the soul. He'd known fear, likely terror, has never trusted adults but loved little children. Their souls he treasured. I wonder how many years he may have left, maybe several, but he had had heartworm when he was found, certainly that weakened his heart. Summers are always hard on him, his coat is thick and napping, but I wait for the romp and roll and rejuvenation that the first fallen snow will bring.
Today I was overly busy at work, but I believe I left completing much. My RC's birthday, he is 23 today, and as the week fell into place, I had time this evening without rushing to visit with my boy. He's made me very proud, even the new dreadlocks incite passion in me. He is a creation I shared with God and I find amazement in his pure heart. The cake he left here with after sharing some pirate stew with me. Not a special dinner, but balanced comfort food. I 've got a few things acomplished online this evening...sending out art now for autism news blips to art guild and league. Hoping invitation for life drawing open house I forwarded gets sent and maybe some local artists would be interested in carpooling to group.

Pix is a few years past...longer hair, beard, dreadlocks...pretty handsome huh?


Laura said...

So good to see RC even though its a old picture. And I really am happy to see his exploring his dreams. It's hard growing up and so much presure put upon the young to get a corpate job and make lots of money when after us aging adults do this we long for the time to explore our dreams.

Ojo your protector.

Uta said...

Very handsome indeed Doris. A very good creation of yours I'd say

april said...

What a handsome young man! I can tell you are very proud. And what a beautiful dog - what does "ojo ajuda" mean? ...april

Doris said...

Ojo Ajuda is the "eye of God" the craft that many children learn in camp settings, with yarn and sticks.