Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weeds Today

Early am. The day was not long enough, or maybe it was too long and my weekends are just too short. Far too many tasks at hand and prioritizing rarely fills my personal needs. Sadie had a seizure this morning, it was not severe...she fell out of chair she was resting in. I rubbed her gums with a dab of corn syrup and she slowly came back to me. Aggie thought she was misbehaving and we had to learn that something more important than right or wrong was at hand. Thoughts unsettled as had she been having seizures while I'm gone or was this an isolated event? Had a short visit with my folks, Dad had been able to have second chemo treatment last week and is expected to have another today. Improvement in his appetite which is encouraging. Sister in law dropped in with her children, good to see her and chat a bit. Pushed the thick long lawn from last weekends rains. most of afternoon and early evening. Soaked my sore feet and watched some of the Emmy Awards. So out of touch with current movies, hadn't heard of most the movies receiving awards! Weeds are from walk a few weeks back when full bloom of fall weeds were gorgeous.

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april said...

Awww, poor Aggie. Again, lucky to have you. And love the weeds! And I am lost with all the new movie stars and movies too. ...april