Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yee Haa!

Got a couple pictures last Saturday from Laura's very successful Annual Open House. It was hard to do as she had quite a crowd around her demo table and pictures would be a bunch of backs...then she was looking at her adoring fans and not me so I tried very hard to get her face in the shots! Been working at downloading pictures at home, from my gifted digital camera and finally tonight, things clicked into place! Yippee Yi Yay, and I sure hope I can find the program download easily next time. Took more pictures at lunch today, promise I won't bore you with anymore Virginia Creeper. Well, maybe I will. The green against brilliant red against purple seems phenomenal to me. I left work early tonight to attend staff meeting for Young Rembrandts, I'm so glad to be back. A couple weeks before my first class yet, planning a run by the school to reintroduce myself and let people know I'mmm back! More ready than ever to instill little light bulbs above childrens heads as they make connections and grasp the manner of seeing all of the worlds wonders! I saw a great sun/moon picture and a macaw and I need to pull out lesson plans but they are hiding from Captain Destructo and I'm so far behind in my weekly agenda. Same plant and pillow destruction as yesterday for being away from home too long today. When will we all learn?


butterfly woman said...

Where are you Doris? Want pictures of you at the Fair! Glad you're going to be teaching again. The Young Rembrants such a wonderful title and love how you write that you are going to "instill little light bulbs" and showing them "worlds wonders". Great words. Seems a passion of yours, the teaching and the writing. I am so happy that the arts for the young is still alive and well. I imagine it awakens the inner child in you as well. And all those little believing mirrors, cool!

Laura said...

Well Lady you will have to share more about this new direction your heading into. is this the same as teaching at Amy's???