Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucky Pup

No he's not a pup anymore. But the name rings well. He was adopted from a shelter down south, lived in a backyard on a tie out, and pulled dominance on the toddler he shared residence with. I re-homed him with the help of my veterinarian/employer. It failed. People with two children screaming about anything, frightening the dog and rather than counsel them I asked for return. It is very unreliable when a dog has more intellect than his owners. Lucky is highly intelligent and focused on tasks. He'll chase his rabies tag reflection around the living room floor in morning time. Quite capable of becoming obsessive compulsive, but he gets enough attention to keep him put of trouble. Optimally he would be working agility. He has drive, stamina, and intelligence. My daughter's ex asked me to keep him for him while he was serving in Iraq. My daughter nor Lucky Pup neither were important upon his return. So here he stays, getting fat and making decisions of his own.
Today the rain interrupted my plans. I lost my lunchtime walk. Dropped in on my sister after work as I had an overdue birthday gift for my nephew. Shared a cuppa decaf and a fortune cookie while we caught up on life's struggles. Home again, although it had rained most the day, I went out and worked at finishing lawn cutting. Worked under security light, watching for the full moon that I hadn't witnessed. Nearly done when in the dark I ran out of gas a second time. Gave in and made myself some dinner. That last section will be exceedingly tough to cut as next weekend more rain is expected and I'll not have time before then to finish. Today, my art waited. Patience is a virtue, and it embeds my art life. There had been so much fear, but fear accomplishes so little, I'd given it up.


april said...

Another beauty, so lucky to have you. And I know you love them, which is your reward...right? ...april

Doris said...

I do love them, but they are like 7 toddlers running around your ankles!