Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missing Photos

Been searching around my computer and I seem to have misplaced a number of photos! All over and I'm not finding some of my daily walk pictures I wanted to share. It's been a long Saturday, I'm getting together some soup to share at potlatch tomorrow. I called and scheduled a brake inspection this morning. After about 5 hours I was driving my van back home with new front brakes. Al the days plans upstarted and fortunately I had not paid my bills yet and could fix the brakes before they locked up the front tire. The brake pad had slipped and I was literally driving with brakes engaged. The money is sorely missed. Utilities are not paid nor groceries purchased. But most importantly I can drive to work as needed. And of course to visit my friends. I was able to catch up with my meditational readings during that time and prepare this coming weeks lesson plans for children's class. Walked to post office, GoodWill store, grocery and Panera for lunch while I waited. So I did accomplish although things had not been prioritized for today. Work was very slow, minimal dollars, will have to makes some decisions about workloads as I've too much time caught up in too little money.Well, soup is now on and cooking through the night for potlatch and rest is overdue!

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