Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eenie Meenie Mienie Moe

I picked am image blindly. Hope more weeds are pleasing. Tried to decipher my progress today. Tried hard to decide why I had commited to even more work with children's class. That was easy...I had been lacking purpose in my work life. I used to make a great difference each day to all the people and animals of the county that needed aid. Now, I'm the one needing aid. I need some reason besides paying the bills to labor as hard as I do. The children still believe. Their creativity is relatively free and experimental, there are no adult initiatives, very little perfectionism, but most of all the chance to create in play. Far cry from commission work. I had a pleasant walk in the wonderful fall weather. Picked fresh weeds for my desk. Took time this afternoon to work on redraw of a t-shirt design. Felt like the breathing room I create in my walks. Deeply inhaling, fully exhaling. Living. Tomorrow the weekend pace starts anew. Am I really ready? More sleep is necessary.

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Laura said...

Something is happening and you're to trust it my dear.