Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Trillium And JD

Today I framed a couple pieces and took them over to Amy at Imagine on Main in Oswego, IL. This piece is an inked intaglio. My first dog outside my parents home. He was surrendered by an employee of mine at a pet store for property damage causing eviction. A good smart pup without enough training, I gave him to my boyfriend who had wanted a yellow lab. Well, JD was black, but still the same temperament and enthusiasm. When he was soon again evicted by boyfriend's Mom, I convinced my landlord to let me take him. I had him trained quickly, he was smart but very alone. As I worked long hours managing pet store I requested help by a hunter to train my dog. He trained him much more than hunting but worked a lot of agility and JD was climbing the fence before I knew it. Fairly well behaved, but garbage night came round and if I didn't tie him up, all the neighbors cans would be knocked over! Quite a few runs with animal control, he was on first name basis and generally I reported him missing before a complaint came in. So much about a dog from 30 years ago. He would have been a champion at dock jumping had the sport been recognized in his life. He'd run the dock and leap as he is in this picture as far into the lake he could, swim back and run the dock again till the day was gone! Who'd of thought of such a great game? If only Captain Destructo had so many advantages to life! JD was stolen, for years when I heard distant barking, I'd hope my lil boy was on his way home, but I'd never seen him again and the trillium at the state park is where I believed his heaven to be. We had made many trips to Illinois Canyon to see what we could see. How's that for reminiscing?

Well, time to share Captain Destructos picture and what do I hear crunching in the next room? So here he is to save the day! Capt. Destructo himself!


Uta said...

I've read about Captain Destructo and he made me cross causing such grief but now I look into his adorable face and just melt. I would get up to mischief too if I looked that cute. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth hehehe.

Laura said...

Great story, brings back memories, was it 30's ago? wow, time sure does fly by. Good to see Capt. D

butterfly woman said...

Captain Destructo looks so innocent. Hm, who would think he was such a mischief maker? Like your intaglio print. My eye just zooms into the center and wants to really see the doggy. I think it's great when we have a story to tell about our arty creations, like this one. Makes me feel more emotionally connected!
Love the green around the border. Kind of mysterious and floaty. A great piece worthy of sharing with the public! And whereever JD is, bet he's smiling at you.