Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Walk Today

Who knows why pictures upload full size or reduced? I certainly lose all track of what I'm doing about the third attempt and then it's a shot in the dark. The day was excessively warm, didn't consider a walk as I assumed someone might think I was a huge scrambled egg by the side of the road. It was 94 degrees at my desk. Did some necessary banking at lunch break. The day was a little easier, although emotions are skyrocketing and tears are part of my day. Memories flood my existence and many are still so grief stricken. But I made it out to life drawing tonight and after a few drawings I was dissatisfied with, life began to ebb and flow and I remembered again that it was for drawing that I was created. Hope to get pictures taken and positive attempts at downloading and uploading for sharing soon.This photo causes a bit of wonder in me as what is it I saw in this woodland shot? Was it the wild grape? Or dead branches that I deeply enjoy? I hope it instills a bit of comfort for the viewer, as things were meant to be. Natural and uncompromising.

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