Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Looking for Identification

I haven't had a chance to look these vines up, 5 leaves like an umbrella plant, sneaking it's way between the wild grapes. They are brilliant. I stopped today to look at them again. So very attractive.
I had another long hard day, 15 assignments would hit me at once and before I'd comb through 4 or 5 more you make their way to my desk. The business is seasonal and if attitudes were more becoming a pleasant work environment, I'd rather enjoy the challenges. Rather the expectations and scornful atmosphere just status Que the load. Weather had cooled and put my walk time in, gratitude found for many things. Evening job went as expected, tasks done. Computer choking on me the whole time. Finally picked up a dog magazine and read while it slowly accomplished given tasks. At home, intent to put together three framed pieces I'd been working on. My graphite sketch "Sorrow" is now framed and looking rather suitable. I intended to frame my "Puzzled Tree" intaglio print when I heard the glass snap. Assuming I had another piece of glass, I was only slightly bothered. As I opened the third piece I had picked up I finally looked at the packaging. The glass is from China! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was not expecting that at all. Why would we import glass for frames? Well, they were packed between foam and cardboard and a glass cover page. The third piece was cracked inside the packaging. I'd been duped. You wouldn't know it was broken until it was unsealed and how you you return it at that point? Well, as it happens, I intended to ship "Puzzled Tree" and use a nice plexi-glass in frame. I suppose now that the glass is gone, I shall do that. When the money rolls past again. Somewhere in my closets I have a glass cutter so all is not wasted, but another days project.


Laura said...

Could the vine be Bitter Sweet, they have lovely berries come the fall. that is a science to study the different vines out there isn't it.

Doris said...

I've been searching and have concluded that it is Virginia Creeper. Does the bittersweet have 5 leaves?"

april said...

Virginia Creeper is the one that resembles poison ivy. Five leaves is right. It is a pretty vine and I think it is the one that you can grow on your house somewhere and it doesn't have "suckers" that make marks on the brick or siding. I think. Have to ask my expert. ...April