Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day at the Farm
My friend Peggy's son made this video and although it doesn't show the art exhibit at all, it certainly captures the flavor of the day! Check it out and maybe come on down next year!

Today I resumed teaching children's art. It was as I expected. The time flew...the children were happy...if the lesson sinks in a bit, next week will be much easier. Worked on techniques...appropriate classroom behaviors...had younger children than I expected three of the thirteen were kindergarten, three in first, four in third and two in fourth.Lessons are so much easier with older children. Many of the third and fourth graders had taken the program in the past so the stretch between them and kindergartners was great! Even the work which was far from instruction was very good, and children left very pleased. Arriving home, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was work, but after some dinner sanctions, off I went. Bought more flea spray, had adjustments posted to my account reflecting employee discounts. Worked with staff errors, trying to restore order where it's been compromised. So exhausted now...three jobs in a day? Was there a reason I gave teaching up? I believed in my new day job there would be time for drawings. That seems rather inaccurate, but hoping changes are just around the bend!

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Laura said...

That's it lady, hoping the changes are just right around the corner and grab them if you see them coming.