Monday, September 15, 2008


Color pencil on charcoal paper, image 8x10 framed, will be entered in September/October exhibit at Naperville Art League, $125.00

I was ready for Monday for a change, ran errands ahead of chiropractor appointment, gave myself time Sunday for a little repose of my own, trying to catch up on reading, odd jobs. Restful state I rarely make time for. Tomorrow is my son's birthday so after Women's Business Network meeting I came in and baked a marble cake, have the frosting started and pulled together his gift. I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, has been undecided as to what evening life workshop will be, so I'll probably head back to work after a short visit with my son. Not expecting to head into work early tomorrow. Really could use the overtime, but sometimes sleep is more important, almost as important as baking that birthday cake! I sure do hope my son is pleased with his gifts. He certainly would have loved hand made gifts, but he'll have to settle for purchased gifts with my restricted time frames.
It was so good to get a walk in today after three days of rain. Some people I talked to had sunshine today, I barely saw a couple glimpses of what was predicted, even drove through a shower on way to work. Viewed unusual roadkill, several frogs. I wanted to name them. I believe the lost included Jeremiah, Mr. Hoppy?, had there been frogs in "Of Mice and Men?" Certainly ther must have been a few at Scarborough Fair! They're so interesting to me...I've had only toads in my yard all these past years and now with the new ponds (er, I mean lakes) I have frogs in my yard also. The year has had an unusual amount of toads, and now crickets everywhere...the flora and fauna have been quite prolific. I noted bumblebees today on the asphalt...what's up with that? Saturday as I left for evening work the ponds were flowing over the road into the farm fields and in those ditches I had pulled minnows for my tank I viewed a very spiritual takeoff of a blue heron who'd been feeding off those ditch minnows, we are like minded.


Laura said...

Beautiful pose, again I like the light you have put in this one. She's a great!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to RC from cousin Laura.

Kruser said...

Happy day to you and your son. Wanted you to know I took a quick peek at some of your work. When I have time I'll go back to look at more. Very expressive, emotional. A joy. -Maggie (WBN)

Doris said...

Thanks Laura and Maggie!