Saturday, September 20, 2008


Her she is again. I framed her up and she will be on display next month at Naperville Art League. $150.00.
Met cousin Laura at Naperville Art League late this morning and we carpooled over to Riverwalk Art Fair. I think it has been nearly 20 years since I've seen that exhibit. There were wonderful crowds, it appeared that many artists were getting their exorbitant booth fees returned in sales. The variety of work was wonderful! So much to see, but we made a quick outing of it as intentions to purchase were nonexistant. A wonderful lunch in private garden of local deli together and it was back to getting on track with week's overdue tasks. Some of the yard cut, got the ditches done, still wet from last weekends three days of rain. Ran out to buy new keyboard for computer as cat jumped up knocking my drink across keyboard which doesn't appear willing to recover. Work was slow again tonight. People are fearful of the economy, and what will become of their income as prices continue to skyrocket.
Quite contrary to the purchasing crowds of early afternnon.

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