Saturday, September 20, 2008


And here's Aggie, she came to me as Wendy, probably about ten months of age. That was not evident at the time as she was considered unadoptable, favored by shelter staff who requested I intervene with her euthanasia. She unfortunately had misguided training. She did everything right (except a few car chasing incidents and still today poor leash habits). I had to untrain her. She didn't understand fun. My neighbor's name was Wendy, so once I decided I could not re-home her, I changed her name. Certainly the neighbor would tire of hearing her name called across the yards. We learned some happy skills and four legged allowances, but she's untrusting of children. She's had her eye damaged, likely a paper cut from being hit with newspaper. If she feels threatened she will defend herself. She and Sadie are not friends. The pup has brought her some weight loss as she gets rather busy scolding him for wrongs she perceives. Her hips are rather bad, and have caused her fear when she has had difficulty rising. I would not consider her an intelligent dog as she doesn't seem to have reasoning skills...everything is black and white. Much like so many people.

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april said...

Awww. Another beauty. You sound like the dog whisperer, Doris. ...april