Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life Drawing

Here is first 20 minute pose working with new pencils from potlatch. Thank you to my tribe! The later poses with more time became somewhat muddy. Looking forward to experimenting and finding out what a water filled paintbrush might do. Creative play, to learn through. I hadn't allowed myself in the past to fail at a piece, but now I do. With perfectionism out of arena, growth through mistakes comes much faster. Watched for fellow earth dwelling companions while I walked today, with light disappointment. Expectations to witness wildlife each day are out of proportion to the daily habits of individual friends. I was blessed to see Whistlepig on m,y way to children's drawing class. Approaching it I was thinking, that is one fat squirrel. But a squirrel it was not, and it was enjoying whatever was falling from a roadside tree. My children's class went very well. We drew macaws today of all imaginary colors and I had enough feathers to share with each child from my own blue and gold. I suppose a picture there would be forthcoming. Maybe tomorrow as three jobs on this day have wiped me out. Had a hard time staying awake scanning labs this evening, had to stand on several occasions to keep body heat from dropping. My pets need extra care. Pictures of today's frolic though the foam jungle should also be taken. Another cushion shredded and lost while all the dogs find the foam particles rather enjoyable to roll in. Mascara chewed up again. At least it's not getting old and target for parasites. And of parasites, it's comforting to hear at clinic that I'm not the only one battling fleas. Seems present plague. If only the toads liked fleas!


Laura said...

Though your days are long and hard you are speaking from a place that is so much more peaceful. So grateful you have choosen to seek your art and career again. Your back and you have so much to share I just can't wait to hear more.

Doris said...

Thanks, that observation is needed while pressures mount!

april said...

Beautiful drawing, and with your new pencils! ...April

Uta said...

Great drawing and new pencils!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Doris,
I love the figure drawing. More mysterious perspective from behind and it glows with yellow. Your creations seem to have more light. Macaw project sounds neat. You draw the bird and then paste feathers on it? Wish I was in the class with your kids doing that project. Sounds like a ball! Bet Rembrandt himself is smiling down on those aspiring artists.