Monday, October 27, 2008

More state park pictures

These pictures are areas again I rarely frequent. Drawn to the water and its dance. The bridge here crosses a ravine probably only water in severe weather or fast winter thaws. I worked this evening, not normal routine, but Wednesday evening work is interrupted by teacher meeting I need to be at. Headed over to my sister Darlene's after work and filled my van with nonessentials that won't be moving with her this week. Pool supplies. Plants. A set of end tables to go with couches I'll be getting later in the week. Car was loaded and another chore to unload. Then of course the computer rebels and I need to shut down and restart. A scarecrow came home with me and tomorrow I shall see to it that it sets out with the pumpkin display. I'll need to erase some photos off my cards to get that image up and running. Life is full, probably fuller than it should be. Thanksgiving just around the corner and gratitude is forthcoming.

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