Saturday, October 11, 2008

My roots are showing!

I bet that's better than my slip showing, but that seems to be the fashion trend with undershirt two inches linger than the shirt! Remember when it was so totally embarrassing if your shirt or sweater was longer than your jacket? Or when your bra straps were showing? Anyway these roots unearthed in some storm were quite a delight to see. Today was full of accomplishments...even pushed the whole yard. Finished up just as it was time to get ready for work. Found a nice cat condo at Goodwill store. Had brought in pair of crutches that needed to find a new owner. Flea sprayed the condo, hope the kitties enjoy it. Got a pair of curtains washed and hung out on the line...will have to finish that project tomorrow! Washing those windows ready to close for winter. Indian summer will be here another day, tomorrow will be enjoyable, especially since the lawn is already done! Didn't get out on jaunt to get my fresh eggs maybe that too will fit in tomorrow.

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Uta said...

Happy Birthday Doris. Hope you have a good day :)