Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alice's Mushrooms

I had seen many varieties of mushrooms at the park, but these captured my eye. Looked good enough to eat. Don't know much about picking mushrooms...think they'd make me small?

Here's a new model! She was fantastic! She even worked at holding her facial expression! The long pose was really enjoyable, especially as she was able to fall back into similar position and then of course I had to! Originally I was opposite position and had to move as all I could see was pillows! I'm so glad I had the evening to continue to play with my new pencils. I must take time to add water brushmarks. That will also be brand new to my repetoire!


Laura said...

Oh honey this is so lovely! The pose is so difficult to draw and capture it with the right perspective and look so well. Well done. Frame that baby out and watch out!!!

Glad to hear that a good model was there for you, I know you had shared with me about models and ones that are good and other that are so,so. You can tell it really makes a difference.

butterfly woman said...

Great that you moved around till you found pose that appealed to you. I love how you drew her legs, so strong-looking. And her face looks peaceful, yet her pose looked like it would be tough for her to hold. Interesting sepia tones, almost has nostalgic feel to it from the past. Did you use just a few colors? You sound excited and pumped up, and I feel those good energy vibes in your words. Isn't the creative process grand?
P.S. Thanks for choosing me as one of your believing mirrors. You are one of mine as well, believe me.

Uta said...

Looks fabulous Doris! Think those mushrooms might make you big, very big indeed :)