Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm not really sure what her name is, but she certainly looks like Selena to me. There's something so assured about her appearance and comfortable that I chose to frame her. She's about 10 X 13 inches and framed 16 X 20 for $150.00 at Naperville Art League.
The day was for rectifying lost time. I slept in, which is major lost sleep reparation or maybe rejuvenation. That itself, seemed backward as I lost daylight hours...but sleep is something I need to schedule or age far too quickly. Framed up two pieces for NAL's Coup de Foudre exhibit. Apparently that means "Into the darkness." Maybe so as that was titled on another artist piece. Framing accomplished, delivered two pieces to NAL, ran across town to Barbara Lipken's Studio Sale and splurged on a small pastel rendition of Paris. More framing on that piece and off to slow evening at work. Really hard on the pocket, especially after buying myself a gift rather than overdue necessities.


Laura said...

Great piece,
Look at it this way you purchase yourself a birthday gift something to rekindle past dreams and just let it be what it is.

butterfly woman said...

Don't second guess yourself. Impulse buying is so good and if it helps you get to Paris, all the more worthwhile. I like Selena, she is assured looking just like you continue to be as you explore your creative path. Love her pose, it really does make a difference a unique composition. May in near future be checking out a somewhat local life drawing session. Keep fingers crossed.