Friday, October 3, 2008


Isn't the computer required to cooperate with its user? It is ignoring my every attempt to load a picture! Oh, well. Didn't post last night, watched some of the vice presidential debates and was fully blown away! My pitbull is smarter! How many people don't already understand what is going on in this country? How many people are ignorant as to what is represented in the media? It is alarming. This is exactly why we lost lives to 9/11.
My personal delimma's strike even harder today as I was asked to take a cut in pay. No. I cannot accept that, I will take a cut in hours and hopefully recapture living among the living. In poverty of course, hopefully not homeless. I run myself ragged for pay that does not cover living expenses, but that is the way of current America is it not? Of course the nation has filled with fear, but I already know is normal to me. Maybe I will learn homelessnmess. All for keeping the countries CEO's on their jet planes and in their hot tubs.


Laura said...

Right with you lady. And good for standing up for yourself there to the boss. Dang what the hell was he thinking???


april said...