Sunday, October 26, 2008

I held a fall leaf.

"I held a fall leaf
In the palm of my hand.
It wept bitterly
As it dropped to the ground,
To the ground, to the ground,
The cold frosted wind
Blew it to the ground." from Ellen: A Short Life Long Remembered

Forgive my walking shoes in my photo, didn't notice them at the time of picture. Fortunately there aren't camera straps or fingers blocking the view! Long hike today, listening to the harsh winds above the woodland canopy. Occasionally ducking as dead branches were coming down. Up and down trails I haven't frequented in years. Even climbed the toboggan hill twice for the elevated heart rate. As winds started to frighten. I saw a muskrat scamper down to water's edge and a doe and fawn fleeing the frightening weather.Just keeping up today, so many projects on the backburner that need prioritizing.

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