Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Homestead

Sorry about another bad picture. I framed this picture up today, $1.99 frame from the Goodwill store. It has a glossy finish to argue with me. This aerial view of my home and the neighbor's surrounding property. The photographer thought it was all my property. Talked his price way way down as he brought it to me already blown up and suitable for framing. It endured quite a bit of damage being stored improperly, but it means a little more to me now than it did 15 years ago when taken. The old neighbor rode English, and the pasture filled with jumps, was property I tried to buy way back when but previous owner would not parcel off a piece. Now to consider something like that would not be rational. The neighbor's house has been remodeled and looks quite nice now. At one time the stories I was told was that it was an original pony express with additions added to the home and desperate hangings executed in the trees. It's hard to say what do I believe? As the neighbor started remodeling and opened walls up, the rough hewn beams and plastered walls were quite a delight to see. The corn rows came down today, I am saddened by their loss but enjoyed the fragrance. Knowing that rebirth in the spring will bring green again is comforting. A long cold hibernation ahead. Furnace is repaired, one less concern but now I need to pay for that also. The aerial view here would still be identifiable if Sunhawk were to pass this way with her rainbow of colors.


Laura said...

Sure is great to see that and there is a sense about it, It's yours my dear, It's yours!!!

butterfly woman said...

What an interesting aerial view. Your house is on the left? I will be very careful when I fly over your land because the paint has not dried yet off my wings, no drips allowed. Thanks for sharing this part of your life, seems a neat place for an artist like you.Interesting history but rather spooky story about the executions. Bet it gets cold across those empty fields.

Doris said...

There are very bitter winds on occasion that find every crevice between every window frame. It's quite amazing how much wind the corn will block. I do miss the corn already. Yes, my house is the white ranch on the left, enclosed by neighbor's horse ranch. I miss the horses too. The pastures are now unused...would love a couple sheep or goats to manicure for me!