Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Fox

Here are a couple shots I took of what I considered river regalia. Those kayaks were so bright and colorful and the group sounded to be enjoying their afternoon immensely. This is the river that captured many a winter morning walking down the snowmobile path. Today was a full day. Rushing to get 8 hours taskwork done in 6. Teaching this afternoon and the challenges of giving individual attention to 13 kids in the same hour is mind taxing. Got done there and managed some banking before work at vet. Was finally able to locate my article on feral cats and sent it off to the newspaper for National Feral Cat Day on Oct 16th. I'll have to share that here...maybe on the 16th! A friend called and I went out walking with him this evening. Was rather pleasant coversation, especially for someone like me who talks through a computer! Here to close out my day with sharing. I finally saw Sunhawk out traveling this aftermnoon and somehow she appeared snow white against the gray skies. I was entranced, wondering if she bleached herself blonde since I had seen her last?


butterfly woman said...

No, I am going natural with my feathers, though I might try a few highlights. When I get too close to the sun, the rays lighten me up.Would enjoy seeing one of your articles here, always thought it was neat you write for a vet? How do you give 13 little inquisitive minds individual attention? That's got to be art in itself. By the way, in near future I will be teaching ONE aspiring artist (baby steps here) some of my tricks of the trade. I think all you teachers inspire me, we shall see.

Uta said...

Love the pics Doris