Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chicken Little and The Sky is Falling!

I had a wonderful birthday!My boys arrived early for mass and surprise birthright breakfast I wasn't aware of. We visited my folks and my nephew dropped in for Grandma to give him a haircut. It was good to see him and visit. Memories of his Mother, she's been on my mind a lot these past another year has gone by without her. Occasionally when I smile...we have the same smile. I miss her so.
The boys went with me to Ben's Giant Pumpkins, I hope they were awed as I was last year when I dropped through and walked the giant pumpkin patch. Came home with assortment of treasures I still need to photo. There's much left to October and pondering our glorious Indian much longer will it be with us. The bean crops are mostly in. My nephew, who repairs farm equipment hasn't had a day off in several weeks. Tis the season. The gravel road I've been traveling to buy my fresh eggs and the lovely ladies who supply those eggs are shown here. This uphill gravel road seems to go on forever. The ride home on my bike is quite a bit easier. I'd hoped to photo neighbor's goats today, but they weren't out. The lovely ladies curiously clucking the day's gossip sufficed for photo op. My daughter called for my birthday. Laundry had been prioritized over Mummy and I pray her recent life choices are not devastating mistake. I'm rather fearful she's being controlled and not yet aware of her codependency. Like my lovely lady friends whose destiny lies with the strong.


Bob said...


First off, Happy Birthday!

I stumbled across your blog in a search engine, (I'm a part time figure model) and it's now part of my morning routine. I've been enjoying the art, photos, and your words. Keep up the great work.


Laura said...

It's such a pleasent journey to get your eggs. thanks for sharing

Doris said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Bob. We're looking for models in our neck of the woods.

Bob said...
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Uta said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday. You deserve it!