Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Decorations

So sorry I hadn't dusted my shelf first. Priorities. Sharing the new gourds and pumpkin candy at my entry way and the new scarecrow I brought home last night. Along with my collection of pumpkins from Ben's Giant Pumpkins.I think I need a close up on the pumpkins.
Had a nice young model this evening, never modeled before yet her poses were classical and timeless. Worked very lightly with aquarell pencils and the sketches are waiting to be painted and add more color. Probably too pale to photo. Series of 20 minute poses, and worked to get all in place. A little baroque music added to the atmosphere. Mesmerized by the flute. Evening had ended before the music and didn't want to stop it.
I called police officer who had taken my information about robbery last week to add the broken latch and pulled wires which disabled the back door lock. He was extremely disinterested. Of course I wanted it added to the report! Why did he think it was so unimportant. The thieves intended to break in, had the tools and knew exactly where to damage the door to open it. The missing dash alongside the missing CD player wasn't even important to him. I was simply another statistic and so unlikely to solve the case that no investigation of the damage was even noted. I had plenty of time to simmer that without any music on my drive in and home this evening.
Did he not realise it wasn't the rich or even the middle class, but poverty level that was robbed...or is that more to the point? I don't matter. Another person likely could go out the following day and replace what was stolen and damaged. I will have to live without, including the ability to lock my doors. So if I become another statistic rather than my vehicle, will it then all matter? At least with the help of my brother last week I was able to figure out why my interior lights did not work. I'll now be able to see an attacker and identify. So was it for food? Was it for drugs? Was it sold to pay the electric bill? There have been so very many people without any work this past year. How much can you get for a CD player? Tomorrow I will photo the damage and email the officer the pictures to add to the report. He never even looked inside my car. Licence and insurance labeled the report. Maybe tomorrow It won't anger me so.

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Laura said...

All we heard was the dog bark one morning and then went back to sleep and found out in the morning my son's mini bike was stolen. Call the police and we had now sereal number or a picture of the bike. All they could so is report... no mini bike or and thing but a letter about a month later closing the case unsolved and stolen. Darn it anyways... But at lest the police are aware of the robbery in the area, I know it not comforting or will it return the CD player and the damage. It's a shame where it comes down to. A good long loud scream out to the corn fields or better yet walk in them and then scream thurash about and let the frustration out. That's about all that can be done at this point. sucks...