Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day Dreams

This picture is also framed and available at Naperville Art League. I thought her hands looked quite small, but her hands are quite small. Wonderful model, quite a few finished pieces of her. The image is about 10 X 13in. Framed 16 X 20 inches. $150.00
Slept in this morning, trying to keep up on rest and self care. So opposes my schedule to accomplish such and such by such and such time! Like where did the day go? After mass and visit with my folks, a little raking and burning of their 3 acres oaks. I did a nice hike at Silver Springs State Park. There were many people there. Quite different from winter walks or even last weeks walk in the rain. Wondered if there were some sort of fishing contest going as the cental lake was wall to wall people. Dogs of every size and color out relishing the autumn sun. Took pictures to share of changing seasons. Bike ride this afternoon, amazing skies, more pictures. Caught up with a bit of projects around the house and yard. Busy work schedule and plans ahead for the week.

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