Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Tonight

The days activities were as bizarre as they can be. Surrealistic in fact. Chickens in the woods as I walked! How delusional is that? And a little boy, Corwin, whose attention span challenged my very large, very young class today was picked up by a police officer as his mother was involved in an accident. Dear child was quite happy to leave with the officer. It was really that or me, who he'd only met an hour earlier. Throughout the hour he kept mentioning how important it was that I wait till he got to his mother. All this after morning dreams of Gila monster living in my livingroom, sharing the sofa seating casually with my sons. Surrealistic dreams followed by surrealistic day. I zoned this evening at life with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Seabiscuit Soundtrack and music of Cezanne. I think that last score threw the group as they started leaving? Stayed late and chatted about elections past and present, likely a TV will be in the workshop on election night? Pictures here were efforts of the evening...thinking I need some finishing touches...uncertain if these are the ones to frame. Camera batteries were flashing so the photos themselves are weak. SO what do ya think? Do these sketches deserve frames? Honest critiques appreciated.


Uta said...

Hard for me to answer Doris as my screen (old computer, old screen) is very very dark even though its set on the brightest setting. I love the way the light catches the shoulder on the second one and I love the squash of the butt on the first hehehe. Wish I could see them better or see them in person.

Laura said...

If you have the mat, Mat the both up and then if you need to pop one in frame it will be ready. I agree with Uta, I like the squash of the bottom too. But there is something I like about the other pose and I do think it's the light. I have to be honest that it's a great piece but I would really make a impact to show the front view wouldn't it. So do you want a little drama to happen long side that one??? Feel like taking a risk? sometimes I know I do..