Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recognizing the Muse

Patti aka Selena
This evening synchronicity had the upper hand and I was in awe. I was listening to Yanni on my drive in this evening, considered changing it but decided it would be a great intro into an evening of life. I was certainly amazed at seeing the same model I had framed up just last Saturday. It seemed so surreal, I had to pull the model aside and show her my perception of her back when. She asked about the old group of artists, where they were today and so saddened to let her know that Theresa had passed last year. I never questioned why, hadn't the answer but David was able to share what he knew. Her favorite music at sessions was Yanni and she regularly compared surgical notes with our evenings model. I came home to the end of musical score to City of Angels and believe I am quite fortunate to have such a beautiful muse as Theresa. Thank you!


Laura said...

Great pose and a couch in the setting too! Looks great.

butterfly woman said...

I think it's really special that the model connects with you beyond just being someone who poses, she has thoughts and feelings as well. Synchronicity with Yanni Music tapping into memories of your fellow artist Theresa and then Angel music playing in her honor on way home. Beautiful your awareness of this, those sacred moments, where you tap into all your senses.One never knows what the moment brings.

Uta said...

Love the drapery and couch touch on this piece. Wish I could see the colours more clearly. Can't think of her as Patti though. She's Selena in my heart hehehe.

Bob said...

I have to echo what butterfly lady said. I really love that you relate to your models, and they are more then just a collection of shapes in light and shadows. As a figure model myself, I often wonder if anyone ever thinks about me after they walk out of the studio.

Keep up the great work!