Sunday, October 5, 2008

Silver Springs

I took an art date today to reconnect with the river that had captured much of last winter. The bridge and road repair have been completed and the route to visit my folks passes the state park. I had a wonderful walk, starting with recognition feral cats being fed and ending with why? Why hadn't I been here since maybe March? It hadn't been convenient, I hadn't had free time, and why hadn't I planned a snack and drink for my outing? It was thoroughly unplanned, I keep my walking shoes in the car,so it happened. As I left, the pavilion was empty and I thought what a nice place to set and sketch awhile, but it didn't happen. I was blown away by the whole experience. I walked under the woodland canopy and listened to the rain above me. It was quite gentle. I was astounded at the changes the weather and river and past year had wrought for the river edge. I was pleased to photo the silver springs that move all winter long, with currents and fresh plantings that continue through the darkness of winter. The springs feed down into the Fox River and the imagination added to the photo winter cold and ice falling from the pipeline rather than forced water. The hike was overdue, the river has been beckoning me. I took a nice long bike ride against the wind to buy a dozen fresh eggs for this evening's cooking. Got some weekly cooking in and rested this evening rather than push myself. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Uta said...

Its great to see the river I hear so much about.

butterfly woman said...

How different the Fox River looks in your neck of the woods compared to the Aurora area. Glad you had your walking shoes in the car. I always carry my camera myself. Unplanned trips always seem magical, sounds like you were caught in the wonder of it all. I heard dreams in your voice and creative ponderings. Filling the well on your walk with musings and documenting with pictures. Nice.

april said...

Love the thought of the rain above the woodland canopy. Beautiful photos! ...april