Monday, October 13, 2008

Ben's Giant Pumpkins

Can you believe how many pumpkins are waiting for children to choose them here in this great pumpkin patch? I brought my boys here after last year's visit and tale, I think they were in awe as I was last year. The Great Pumpkin will come, the moon is full but in hiding yet. I had a nice chat with Doctor Angie, veterinarian I used to work with whose husband is the organic farmer growing these wonderful pumkins and gourds. The lad in dreadlocks carrying the pumpkin is my delightful musician R.C. And the writer squatting at land level is my handsome Randell. Sometimes I worry about his introverted qualities and then I realise, he's just like me. Just don't tell him that! He still has so much to learn...pain so initiates change and growth. I was hoping for a poem for a birthday card...but he's not sharing his works yet. He doesn't know I was looking at his 3rd grade Mother's Day poem just this week, thinking how exquisitely beautiful while tears gushed at the innocence. Emotions are so strong at birthday times. This day, I pulled into accomplishing as much as possible when I realised needed new work for NAL exhibit this week. Will it still happen? I found three pieces I'd like to frame, but larger than frames in the house. Counting on creating a pair of masterpieces tomorrow at life workshop to fill frames by Saturday. Ah, but I've always performed better under pressure.


Laura said...

What wonderful young men there with you on you birthday. So glad you had the time with them.

april said...

Such handsome boys! I can feel your love and pride. What a nice birthday!

Uta said...

Those photos look like you created some pretty good masterpieces.