Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Land of Oz

More pix from the state park! Is this not one of the trees that frightened Scarecrow and Dorothy. I was amazed to find it out here, so far from Kansas. Actually quite beautiful and home to several woodland creatures? If he so tolerates. I do hope this majestic spirit isn't the one I see uprooted next year! Although certainly his roots must be as interesting as his crown! Deep in the woods, under the umbrella canopy, while listening to the rain above, stirring the imagination, why am I holding a camera instead of a sketchbook? I'll need to revisit that question yet another time.
The moon wasn't quite as full tonight and I accomplished some extra tasks at vet clinic. Quite far behind, but still moving forward. Changes seem to be blatant all around me. As the price of gas drops lower and lower, I wonder if again people will venture out and spend some cash? It's important that people learn to trust and accept change. The dogs are playing now, certainly this is the time and not after I've gone to bed. My eyes are dropping...will tomorrow remember us? Or do we need to start again anew?

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april said...

Oooooooooo love those trees. ...april