Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost All Hallows Eve!

Some close ups of decor.
My world seems to be flipping around like a fish on land. Will I get back to water in time? Animals are vying for attention. Gretel my tamed feral kitten has returned to insisting on lap time or even fur stole time, when she expects me to carry her around on my shoulders! She hates her nails trimmed also. You'd think it meant death! Sadie and Captain finally stopped wrestling and are quite ready for bed, which means Aggie can relax as she needn't continue to scold them for roughhouse inside.
I did get my new spare tire cover today from being rearended two weeks back. Emptied a few more things out of my car as presently it doesn't lock. Transplanted a couple more new plants from sis Darlene. Caught up and new issues as trailer no longer available to move new furniture. Quite paradox, unseemingly unkind. I took Friday off work so that I could manage the extras and now the extras may not be available. Is there a reason for the stars to hide from me? Not aware that I've done anything whatsoever that should cause me so much hardship. I need the current world to express that I've done more than my share and it is time that I receive compensation.
Seems any good so distant.

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