Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art Smart

Olivia and her piece.

Olivia's workspace

Trinity and her mosaic

Trinity's workspace

My playtime piece.

I felt so unprepared today as I had assumed we would cancel the sessions rather than run with two students. Certainly my lesson plan was distorted. I didn't discuss what I hoped to be prepared for, but I was pleased as both my students grew in confidence and thoroughly enjoyed their impromptu lesson time. Looking forward to next Saturday, with rose roundels.


Laura said...

Great to see the students the work and the posts about the class. So happy that it well for you even though you felt your weren't prepared. Remember your a mom too and we can always pull it together for the best efforts... Well done lady.

butterfly woman said...

I love how you shared photos from your class. I know you are a teacher but now it is verified in my eyes (he, he).
The two girls are so diversified and their work exciting and colorful. And your playtime piece is dazzling, note the word "play", that's great. I'm still looking at your image, it feels spiritual and composition very unique. Something to exhibit in a future show! I'm curious as to mediums used. Also, do your students inspire your own creativity?