Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

This piece I entered for jury in exhibit at North Central College's Schoenherr Gallery located in the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Art Center at 171 E. Ellsworth in Naperville Illinois. It will be on display June 19th at reception from 6-8 pm. The exhibit runs through July 16th with a rather impressive amount of open hours. Call Naperville Art League 630-355-4240 for more information on this fabulous exhibit, "Artists Among Us."


Bob said...

It's a beautiful piece Doris. She is a great representation of your artist statement. Your work and the emotions it bring out in people, (going off the last post) make me proud to be an artist's model.

I'll be there tonight. Can't wait!

butterfly woman said...

I am so glad she will be making her presence known at the new gallery. She just glows, love the composition from left to right, the purples add such interesting color. I also like the way the outer rim has dark areas at corners, like you're looking through a circular window. That's neat. Maybe not intentional but adds to effect.
Good job. Love how you continue to get your art out there!!

april said...

Beautiful, Doris. She breathes.