Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jordan Tonight

Beyond the fact that my photos are not yet of good quality, my drawings are skewed a great deal by the repertoire of emotional distress that I am feeling. It seems again I am enduring a great deal of criticism for the content of my art and vision. Certainly people prefer when I draw birds although they must not be the dead variety that might hold their pose. And some of those critics adorn their walls with death they caused through sport. Again as I enter into financial distress, my life, my choices, my art and my sanity are all questioned. Will someone choose to see beauty through all the mire of stigma and bias? I wonder why my chosen path is unacceptable to those incapable of living and surviving through it?
Jordan was passing through town and scheduled herself in for the evening. She is a tiny girl...does that show in my renditions? I noticed as she was clothed to leave this evening just how tiny she is. Maybe, just maybe a hundred pounds. A pale, pale pink I certainly had not achieved in coloring. It was good to draw this evening even with all the mixed emotions blurring my vision.


Laura said...

Even though the images are a bit blurry, the subject is beautiful and you've captured her again.

We would like people to accept us for who we are but their own crap keeps them from doing that, sad but true. So heck with them if you are able to make this moment in our life a reality and draw does it really matter to them on their death bed? No they'll be thinking of something else so don't let that stir you. continue your own journey.


Anonymous said...

Well said Laura... I wonder that anyone could take offence at these drawings, Doris. You draw with sensitivity and care and you have captured the 'elfin' quality of your slightly built model. Keep going and don't let them get you down!
love julie xxx

Doris said...

Thanks Laura and Julie!

Suz said...

Doris..you ask.."Will someone choose to see beauty through all the mire of stigma and bias?"
All that matters is that you do.
Truly the acceptance is our own.
Well done

Elena said...

There will always be 'poisonous tongues' ready to spew their little daggers. Typically, these are those high school bullies all grown up still carrying around personal insecurities. Your drawings are beautiful. There appears to be a progression--the drawings are better each time (and I thought the earlier ones were good). Keep going with what you are pulled to do---I could only wish to replicate the human figure half as well as you do. BRAVO!