Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon with Bob

I cropped this image severely as I lost proportion although I had captured the lines. I ventured out today to visit with my favorite male model and discover the whereabouts of Tall Grass Studio. I'd been interested in jurying into the gallery space and heard so many wonderful things about the classes held there. Life drawing is held the first and third Sundays from 3-5PM. I walked in an hour late on a small group. They were a warm group and excepted my brain fog completely. My turnabout of directions took me half hour in opposite direction. Why wasn't the sun shining to give me a clue where east and west were? It's not easy to find a pay phone these days. Anyway, by the time I reached my destination my image intake had already exceeded the days maximum. So much new country to see out there. There are no two rocks alike! Pulled into color and line and was at days maximum. An afternoon off, long overdue. So glad I ventured out, shoulda worked on the downed trees from Fridays storm or even cut some grass. Another week, another day as I recover from loss of power and phone service for the weekend. Picked cherries easily this evening from the storm torn branches. I still hear the robins scolding me as I had gathered their rations.
Added full portait of Bob as he considered worth viewing. I guess upside down it would be fine.


Bob said...

hmmm "favorite male model" you're too kind Doris. I'm really glad you made it. And yes, they are a nice group to work with, I know Roger was impressed with your colours and looking at the drawing I have to agree with him. And, for what it's worth, when I viewed the whole drawing I thought your proportions were right on. (Then again, I am biased)


Bob said...

And Happy Solstice!

Laura said...

Well, well, well, lady your are venturing out and it's so good to hear that. Tall Grass Studio and where is this place. I hope not to far a way as it sounds like a good fit for you on Sunday afternoons now and then. Keep up the great work.

butterfly woman said...

Hi Doris,
Didn't know they had life drawing at Tall Grass (that's my neck of the woods). They do have wonderful exhibits and shows there.(Think Laura's MCS exhibited there last year. Worth your investigating. Wish I'd known you were going, might have helped you in your navigation. Maybe next time I can meet you there!
Glad for your adventure taking in the sites this away and filling the well. Forest preserves are nicely abundant!

Bob said...

Laura, Tall Grass is in Park Forest, IL, and it was a bit of a ride for Doris. I'm afraid I am largely responsible for her detour. I should have stayed with "left" and "right" for directions instead of "south" and "north"

butterfly woman, Tall Grass has life drawing open studio on the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 3 to 5pm. They alternate between male and female models. There is no session on July 5 (holiday weekend)

Elena said...

Beautiful portrait. Like the use of color; adds to the relaxed feel.