Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My world has been such flux lately, I doubted I would attend this evening. The exhibit, "Artists Among Us" featured in the new Schoenherr Gallery at North Central College in Naperville had drop off this evening and I needed to make a trip in to deliver my piece and also promised Laura to drop off her collage. The work had been juried in previously for this exhibit opening Friday June 19th with a reception from 6-8 pm. I unfortunately will not be taking another evening off of paid work and hope the reception is spectacular. The show will run through July 17th. The Schoenherr Gallery is located in the new Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center,
171 E. Chicago Ave. at the corner of Chicago Ave. and Ellsworth St. in Naperville.
But attend tonight, I did and worked through a few bursts of negative energy before coming out with these drawings of Ashley. She is lovely, but moves continuously. Leaves much of the work to memory. Suppose that will keep one sharp.


Laura said...

The last post you talked about line and I'm bring it back up in this post as the last image has this great line flowing down from her legs to her hip and up to her waist, that is so beautiful. The human body is something amazing how it connects and moves you. I am in awe over the beauty of a line, can carry one on a very visual journey to a wonderful feeling of beautiful creation. We do need to look upon our humanness and see the beauty and the lines in this piece so show that... In a very pure way I want to touch the flow of the body to witness it essences but I can't because it's only a drawning but it makes me want to do that. I'm a very tactile person and I need to feel to pull in all of is teachings and or knowledge. Rambling here but this second piece has me. despite the model being a moving one you did well with these.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Laura... I like the flowing lines too. Great foreshortening too, Doris!
Wishing you a successful exhibition...
Julie x

Uta said...

Oh Doris you have been busy. Great drawings especially working with negativity and moving model! Ditto on everything Laura and Julie say.