Sunday, July 5, 2009


Intended to get some printing done, work on some matting, a little time in on dog portrait with holiday weekend. Didn't happen. Much catching up on housecleaning, repairing basement screens, trimming back out of control bushes, but 20 plus hours this weekend on downed tree in storm two weeks ago. Starting to kill the grass, so many drying leaves. Roof is leaking again. Flea patrol on the pets. Somewhere I had pictures of this tree and olive tree right after they came down. Intended to put up comparison. Exhausted as this day...worked at Mom's as my brother took down an 80ft dead least she had a crew of family members and brother's friend. Short exhilaration as tree came down. Dented the fender of my brother's truck...but most importantly no-one was hurt! Worked about three hours there before coming home to my own project. Oh but the find today at hardware store! Five gallon bucket of roof sealer for $5.00! Somebody is watching out for me!


Elena said...

I'm sure the land appreciates all your hard work. I have 3 oaks that need to come down. But I'm saddened by the prospect.

april said...

You are a worker, Doris! Good photos!