Monday, July 20, 2009

Naperville Art League-Impact


I framed up these drawings Saturday morning for exhibit in Naperville Art League's July/Aug Showing "Impact." Likely far off theme as usual... when will they theme the figure again? Both pieces viewed through my new reserved censored depiction of life. "Ashley" portrayed in the seated pose, and the super "Patti" modeling even with a broken foot is standing. Both are framed and available for $200.00 though the NAL gallery. Phone(630)-355-2530. Website in links at side.


Bob said...

Just got back from out of town for a few days and playing catch-up. I really love the seated drawing. It oozes "relaxed".

Was this at Tallgrass by any chance?

Doris said...

Haven't yet been back. Planning on a trip in September when they'll have a pair of great models together!

Laura said...

Loving the gentle plug there lady... getting back in the marketing of things great job!

april said...

Wonderful! I especially love "Ashley" too - such a natural relaxed pose. Perfect!