Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Forgive the photo edges. I might scream as the computer has taken over and refuses to allow me to edit edges out of my photos! I will not stay up all night to argue with the uncooperative machine. Patricia's first night ever. Bashful at first, covered with gorgeous silk. She could have kept it on. All so very beautiful. I attempted to challenge myself working with hi-fi grays. Learning, feeling my way around. As we took on the hour pose I pulled into the conte fragments surviving in my pencil case from days gone by. And then white and black charcoal pencils. Not used in eons. Felt successful. Sketches could use more work. Seems to be a standing habit, working something and setting it free. I must learn new habits. Growing is good, but completion of tasks begun needs higher priority. David Hettinger is heading a workshop on portraits next Monday. Thinking I need to align my own stars and make it happen. Sponge like, absorption rate is going up.

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Laura said...

If you can do it! great poses and love the model!