Monday, July 6, 2009

Printmaking with Linoleum


"The Flag"

Took some time this evening to print part of editions on current plates. Size of prints are small, 3x5 on "The Flag" and 5x8 for "Vanity" Vanity was not very easy to print and quite a few misprints will be destroyed. I shared a proof of "The Flag" last month with demo at Oswego Cultural Arts Center. I eyed some plexi plates sized for small intaglio plates in my storage and am certain I need to pull in a day to bevel edges and move forward with those. So much to do, so very little time.


Laura said...

So good to see the focus here though, hard as it is the strengh you have now found in our art is your guide. Follow her! And Vanity looks pretty good as the plate is very old and happy to see you have accomplished that. Count Coup!!

april said...

Love those deer! Think I have to have one of "The Flag" to go with my "Silence"! Save me one.

Doris said...

I will save you one, April! Glad you like it!